2020-21 Tryouts

  • 15 teams last season! Largest club in Scottsdale!
  • First season in our brand new Scottsdale location! Learn More
  • Forge will be in our facility - no more having to drive to a different sports performance session!
  • Enhanced recruiting services for those wanting to play in college!
  • We will be expanding  - we'll post details soon!
  • More amazing and experienced coaches
  • and much more!

Each year we continue to grow with experienced coaches and a club who cares just as much about our national teams as we do our regional teams. Our club focuses on making it a family experience while teaching proper technique and creating an environment that instills a love for the game.

As we get closer to Tryouts - we'll post more information. Look for an update late September!

When comparing prices to other clubs, note that we include Phoenix Festival in June. This includes practices in May and June. Other clubs do not include Festival to make their prices seem lower.  We also include our new Ignite Forge Strength and Conditioning program for all teams!