Ignite's Position Clinics are for athletes that are looking to develop skills in a more competitive program.

This will be a perfect way for club athletes to compete and get better going into Middle School and High School tryouts. Head Coaches are from our Premier teams and will run a practice designed around perfecting hitting, serving, passing, setting and developing a higher volleyball IQ through game play.

NOTE: All clinics will be held at our very own Ignite Facility located here:

15821 N 79th St, Suite 3
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

It is essential that we understand your athlete's developmental level and train her accordingly. Please review the levels listed below and select the most applicable. Our staff always reserves the right to move the athlete to another area of camp in order to train her the most efficiently. Volleyball is a very technical game and its skills must be developed in a proper progression. A young, developing player attempting to train in an advanced area will feel inadequate and frustrated and be trained in areas that are relevant to their own situation. Our goal is train each level of athlete efficiently so that they grow the skills necessary for the months ahead.

Selecting a skill area is simpler... select any area you want to improve. Or select an area that a coach has suggested. It's your game!


BEGINNING: Athlete is LEARNING and developing basic skills of the game and basic team concepts.

INTERMEDIATE: Athlete is REFINING skills of the game and applying them to positions while learning more advanced team concepts. 

ADVANCED: Athlete is REFINING skills of the game and applying them to positions while learning more advanced team concepts.


Setting Skills Camp is designed for the intermediate and advanced setter who is seeking intense, focused training suited to their developmental level.

Intermediate campers might have an interest in setting or have been told they are going to set for their upcoming teams. These players have good basic knowledge of the game but need to grow their basic knowledge and skills in the setting position.

Intermediate training will include all high pin sets; footwork execution; hand position and speed; and a major focus on accuracy and court intelligence.

Advanced training will include advance footwork skills as related to executing ALL sets; deception while remaining accurate; and advanced tactics and strategies regarding quarterbacking a team.

Note – EVERY setter would benefit from the training provided in Intermediate; only capable setters will benefit from Advanced.


Designed to provide the athlete focused repetitions in all areas relative to competing in the backcourt. The evoluation of volleyball has elevated the importance of both 1st ball and 2nd ball contact (passers/setters) and Ignite values these areas greatly.

Intermediate campers will train heavily in serve and serve receive. These are HUGE areas in youth volleyball and often determine a young athlete’s success. Perfecting the mechanics of the serve is a priority! However, since Ignite offers a SERVING series our Backcourt Skills Camp will spend much more time on platform skills and movement. These athletes will leave with an understanding of proper individual and team ball control.

Advanced campers will definitely have the bar raised! Not only will these athletes pass a lot of reps but they will pass in a focused manner. Defense will be trained not only for touches but for success and intelligence. These athletes will learn floor management skills. After all, once they play 1st ball they have time to help teammates.

We will teach them how!


This series will feature all facets of attacking (spiking) the volleyball, including armswing, hand contact, approach footwork and though processes. Attackers in this clinic will learn both mechanics of hitting and strategies.

Intermediate campers will focus on becoming proficient with footwork and 4-step approach, as well as alternative steps. Training the throwing motion (armswing) and hitting various net locations will be a focus.

Advanced attackers will learn various set tempos and advanced footwork patterns. Advanced attackers will be sorted by attacking position and provided specific information in their position. Shot-making and shot variety will be. trained.


This short series is one hour of focused serving. Only beginning and advanced sessions are available. Beginning sessions will place a heavy emphasis on learning the overhead serve; the underhand serve WILL NOT be taught! Our goal is prepare athletes for school or club tryouts and the overhead serve is one of the primary tools a player should have.

Advanced serving sessions will feature a focus on execution; assessing each athlete’s serve to determine their most effective serve; and teaching advanced serving strategies including targeting zones.

Recovery Techniques

These one-hour sessions will focus on the specific ball skills of playing a ball near the floor. We will place emphasis on the ‘Ws’ (where, when, why, etc) and the ‘Hows’, or the actual execution for those times the player does actually need to hit the floor when playing a ball.
Going to the floor should be done correctly before it is done often. First, doing it correctly limits injury and keeps one healthier longer in life. Second, proper execution leads to a better play on the ball and not just hustle that is left without reward. Hustle is great, but why not execute at the same time?
It is suggested that attending players all wear proper volleyball knee pads AND bring a long sleeve t-shirt or a pair of knee high tube socks to be worn over their arms. Sleeves are fine as well.