We are trying to get to 100 teams this year and $10,000!! All our games will be played at KROC (6 courts), VICTORIUM (4 courts) and NPX (2 courts). Teams will stay at their venues for the duration of the tournament reducing travel.

Saturday December 8th: 15 and older teams (limit 50 teams)

Saturday December 15th: 14 and younger teams (limit 50 teams)

COST: $250 covers gym fees, t-shirts and minor tournament expenses. All donations will go to Phoenix Children's Hospital. All staff are volunteers.

Tournament is filled. We got to 104 teams!

Ignite The Cure

IMPROVEMENTS: Last year we sent out a survey and there were some areas where we could improve the tournament.

  • Some of our school gyms were less than ideal. This year we are renting only Victorium, KROC and NPX. All three venues are perfect locations for volleyball. Lots of room to serve and play, plenty of parking, snack bars/cafes, room for team camps.
  • Traveling between gyms: all teams at KROC will stay at KROC. Less travel. Depending on team sign ups, there may be travel between NPX and Victorium - less than 15 minutes, all freeway.  We will work to reduce travel as much as possible.
  • Tournament dates: Last year we utilized Sunday as a tournament day, this year they are on Saturdays.
  • Scoring: Last year we used our own version of the score sheet. This year we will use USAV score sheets and will have athletes/coaches there to help teach teams that are still learning how to keep score/libero tracking. So it ends up being a much better experience for the girls and they get extra practice on score/ref before heading into January region tournaments.
  • No need for jerseys. Honor system in regards to rotations/substitutions.


We are proud to announce that our 2017 Ignite The Cure Charity Tournament raised $6250 for Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation! We had 84 teams over 2 days ranging from 12’s to 18’s. It was an amazing experience and we can’t wait until this year!

This year all donations will go to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. Last year one of our athletes, Kaitlin Slepian, was diagnosed with cancer right before tryouts. Her journey over the past year has been amazing and we would like to help give back to PCHF as they were a huge part of her recovery and treatment. She’s doing well and attending her first year at the University of Arizona. Learn more about Kaitlin’s amazing story here: https://www.facebook.com/KaitlinsCourage/

We loved it!

Honestly, best run tournament we have participated in. Great job!

5 Stars! We’ll be back next year for sure!

One of the best run tournaments we’ve ever been to!

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