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Since Ignite began, GMS has been the cornerstone of our program. It’s built on sound principles and their methods are proven. Because we are lifetime students of the game, we don’t teach the ways of the past. GMS’s program stays on top of current methods as well as constantly doing studies to make sure that we’re coaching the best way possible for our athletes.

Here’s more from their site:

Gold Medal Squared is the collaborative effort of some of our countries most successful and experienced coaches. Dr. Carl McGown, Dr. Marv Dunphy, Dr. Doug Beal, Jim McLaughlin and the rest of our staff bring over 300 years of combined coaching experience. Our staff has been at the top of the game at every level: High School, Club, Collegiate, Professional Foreign Leagues, and International competition. Gold Medal Squared Volleyball Camps and Clinics was created with one goal in mind – improving the quality of volleyball players and volleyball coaches. We believe that coaching is a lifelong education. Through years of refinement, we have developed a unique process by which volleyball coaches are given the necessary tools to teach the skills to their players, to understand the tactics of the game, to make better use of limited time with their players, and to develop winning programs. This process is based on studied scientific principles from human kinetics, organizational behavior, statistics, and psychology.

Thousands of volleyball coaches world-wide have been through the Gold Medal Squared program – many with literally life-altering results. We have had innumerable volleyball coaches tell us how much more they enjoy coaching, how much more success and satisfaction they are achieving, and what a big change the Gold Medal Squared process has had on their lives.



This year we’ve decided to partner with the fantastic team at FAST! With 10 locations in Phoenix, it gives our athletes options for training that we didn’t have before. Here’s more info from their site:

What is FAST® training?
FAST® stands for Foothills Acceleration and Sports Training. It consists of Hands-On training programs that help promote speed, agility, power and strength. We have many unique protocols developed to enhance overall athletic performance and specifically target improvements in:

  • Agility and balance
  • Power and quickness
  • Strength and stamina
  • Neuromuscular coordination
  • Can it help me?
    From young, developing athletes and peak performing professionals, to recreational “weekend warriors”, everyone can benefit from FAST® training.


SWOOSH_VOLLEYBALL_BLACKNike_AgilityLast year we went with Nike jerseys and loved the style, the quality, the breathability, and the performance. This year we decided to partner with Nike and provide top to socks Nike product. We didn’t go with the shoes, because we know this is a major personal choice for each athlete. So as long as the shoes are black, we’re good to go. The jersey this year will be the Nike Agility Stock Short Sleeve. The unique back panel is completely mesh, but not see through. This keeps the athlete nice and cool when performing on the court. We’re also providing Nike practice jerseys, spandex, knee pads, and socks.



BSN Sports continues to be a great partner for us, delivering all our Nike apparel with quality numbering and personalization.


MoltenThe USA Region has selected Molten Super Touch as official ball, so that’s what we practice with. And Rich Foley at R&M Sports is our trusted provider of all our volleyballs and carts. He’s the fastest and best priced in the region! Thanks Rich!