2016 Volleyball Festival – June 24-27

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This is a tremendous experience for all of our teams every summer. It’s such a fun and exciting tournament with great competition and excellent sportsmanship. We don’t include the Festival in our regular season dues because there are a lot of families that head out of the intense summer heat to vacation, so we’ve always made this something optional.

That said, we usually get most of our teams to return and compete. However, there are always a few additional openings for those that would like to join Ignite for this experience.


Tournament is located at the Phoenix Convention Center from June 24-27th.

Practices start May 16th. There will be two 2-hour practices a week with clinics on Friday.

Here are the teams that we’re offering (always open to add additional teams if necessary).

12uBlazeClubPhoenix Festival, Girl PowerMoon Valley Country ClubTBD$350
14uPhoenixClubPhoenix Festival, Girl PowerMoon Valley Country ClubShawn Covely / Ashley Troxell$400
14uThe HeatClubPhoenix Festival, Girl PowerMoon Valley Country ClubMelody Peters / George Gonzalez$450
14uInfernoClubPhoenix Festival, Girl PowerMoon Valley Country ClubClare Gersh / Erica Roselli$500
16uScorchClubPhoenix Festival, AZ FinalsMoon Valley Country ClubMadison Peters / LeeShay Flemons$450
17uInfernoChampionshipPhoenix Festival, AZ FinalsMoon Valley Country ClubMelody Peters / Jordan Williams$550
17 - 18uIntensityChampionshipPhoenix Festival, AZ FinalsMoon Valley Country ClubShawn Covely / Kassie James / Ariah Evans$550
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If you have been a part of Ignite Volleyball Club for the 2015-16 Season, then this section does not apply. This is only for those that may be transferring from another club or haven’t played club this year for USAV or AAU.

This section is extremely important. Please make sure you read this thoroughly.

If you were playing for a club other than Ignite during the regular 2015-16 season, you will need a Player Release form in order to tryout for our Festival teams. Some clubs drag their feet on this, so it’s very important to get this in advance. Here’s a link to the form: PLAYER RELEASE FORM.

In order to determine which team your daughter can play on, please determine your daughter’s age group here.

All players MUST complete the online AAU membership application before they can tryout with a team.

In order to sign up for AAU, you’ll need to go to this site:

If you’ve been an AAU member in the past, you can log into your membership on the right hand side. If you haven’t signed up with AAU before, you’ll need to click on the “Get a Membership” button.

On the next page, click “Youth Athlete Membership”. Fill out the form. Where it asks “Are they a member of a club?” click yes and then enter this code: WW99WW

If you are signing in and renewing a membership or transferring from one club to another, please also put in the Ignite Volleyball Club code: WW99WW

Please bring proof of AAU membership to the evaluation.

This is the only way we will know that you plan to tryout for our program and make sure we have all your information. Please contact Shawn Covely to schedule: 919.413.7311 or shawncovely@ignitevbclub.com.

Download the Medical Release form here, complete it and bring the signed copy to the evaluation.


At the conclusion of the tryout, players chosen to play with the club will be asked to sign their contracts and pay the amount in full (paid in cash, by check or credit card). Please have a parent available to sign the required documents and provide payment at the conclusion of the tryout.

TRYOUT DATES: For those that were not a part of Ignite during our regular season will need to attend a ‘tryout’ evaluation in order for our coaches to determine which team that athlete can join. Evaluations will be handled as needed – please contact Shawn Covely to schedule: 919.413.7311 or shawncovely@ignitevbclub.com.

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  • USA Volleyball and AAU Registration for teams and coaches
  • Coach’s salaries, background checks, and education/training fees
  • At least 2 practice sessions each week, 2 hours each, totaling 4 hours of court time (NOTE! Some clubs in the area only have an hour and a half for each practice versus 2 hours. If you total it up over the course of a season, that’s 25% less time on court than what Ignite provides for ALL teams!!)
  • Administration, facility and equipment expenses
  • Various other tournament fees depending on team

Our fees do not include the following:

  • USAV Athlete Registration
  • AAU Athlete Registration
  • Travel costs associated with any of the tournaments within Arizona and other states.
  • Additional costs for travel (transportation, hotels, food, coach’s travel costs, etc).
  • Active Ankles: We recommend Active Ankles for all athletes. It significantly reduces injury and time off the court. Don’t believe all the tales of these devices weakening the ankles or knees – it has been scientifically proven that this is not the case. If injured while wearing Active Ankles, it will reduce the time it takes an athlete to get back on the court and play the game she loves!
  • Uniforms: If you are coming to Ignite for the first time this season, we have a modified uniform package to help reduce costs. It includes 2 short sleeve jerseys (our practice jerseys this season with a number on front/back) and a drawstring backpack (embroidered with Ignite logo, Athlete’s last name and number). This is an additional $100.
[/cbtab] [cbtab title=”Why Ignite?”]

Why Ignite?

Ignite started as the ‘anti-club’ club. We had heard too many horror stories of families that paid tons of money to have their daughter’s club volleyball experience be ruined by clubs only interested in one thing – $. How coaches held grudges and played favorites. How toxic parents and athletes destroyed a team’s unity and success. We make mistakes, but we always strive to provide the best experience possible to our athletes, parents, coaches and staff. We do this by making the club family friendly with open door policies, by running a cauldron and taking numerous stats designed to help make objective decisions regarding playing time, by training not only our coaches but our parents on how we coach and the rules of the game, by constantly not giving up on being the best club in the region, and ultimately the nation.

GMS Certified

Gold Medal Squared is the collaborative effort of some of our countries most successful and experienced coaches. Dr. Carl McGown, Dr. Marv Dunphy, Dr. Doug Beal, Jim McLaughlin and the rest of their staff bring over 300 years of combined coaching experience. Their staff has been at the top of the game at every level: High School, Club, Collegiate, Professional Foreign Leagues, and International competition. Their Mission: To seek out and share the most effective ways to play, and coach the game of volleyball. Gold Medal Squared Volleyball Camps and Clinics were created with one goal in mind – improving the quality of volleyball players and volleyball coaches. We believe that coaching is a lifelong education. Through years of refinement, they have developed a unique process by which volleyball coaches are given the necessary tools to teach the skills to their players, to understand the tactics of the game, to make better use of limited time with their players, and to develop winning programs. This process is based on studied scientific principles from human kinetics, organizational behavior, statistics, and psychology.

Thousands of volleyball coaches world-wide have been through the Gold Medal Squared program – many with literally life-altering results. We at Ignite take all of our coaches to one GMS clinic per year. ALL OF OUR COACHES. It’s important for us to make sure our coaches all have the same philosophy and guidelines in order to provide the best education possible for our athletes.


Using our video system helps athletes visualize how to improve!

Our video feedback system is the perfect visual motor learning tool. It’s comprised of a wireless camera tied into an HD monitor and DVR allowing us to rewind and play in slow motion in order for athletes to visually see what they are doing. We can tell them many times how to do a skill, but once they see it, it clicks! Each athlete learns differently than others, so this is one tool that we use in order to make a bigger impact more quickly.

We’ve always loved this debate between coaches: blocked versus random practice. There are always examples of how much some coaches like blocked because they see results. However, several studies show just the opposite. That blocked practice (hitting lines, etc) show gain at first, but in a game-like setting, only Random practices show gain over time. All of our coaches are IMPACT certified and some are CAP certified. This training is provided by USA Volleyball and is all about making our practices more game-like. We also take our coaches to a 3 day clinic hosted by Gold Medal Squared who also teaches the growth mindset and random, game-like play. It’s what we’ve based our club on and we’re proud to help evangelize this philosophy.

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