2020-21 Tryouts

  • 15 teams last season! Largest club in Scottsdale!
  • First season in our brand new Scottsdale location! Learn More.
  • Finally - a facility dedicated to TRAINING! No more annoying and distracting large screen TV's! More and more equipment dedicated to training as well as skill specific training during the season!
  • Forge will be in our facility - no more having to drive to a different sports performance session!
  • Brand New STATE OF THE ART Equipment for our Sports Performance training!
  • Enhanced recruiting services for those wanting to play in college! Over 30+ years of college recruiting experience to help your daughter become a student-athlete post HS!
  • More amazing and experienced coaches
  • and much more!

Each year we continue to grow with experienced coaches and a club who cares just as much about our national teams as we do our regional teams. Our club focuses on making it a family experience while teaching proper technique and creating an environment that instills a love for the game.


When comparing prices to other clubs, note that we include Phoenix Festival in June. This includes practices in May and June. Other clubs do not include Festival to make their prices seem lower.  We also include our new Ignite Forge Strength and Conditioning program for all teams!

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Its very important that you create a FREE Sports Engine household account in the parent's name. This is the account where you will create your athlete's account and purchase memberships, etc. Having issues with Sports Engine? Click on the Sports Engine Help tab on this page.


In order to participate in tryouts, your daughter will need to be registered with the AZ Region. Not only are we required to make sure you have registered, but it's important in case they get injured as membership with the region covers as secondary insurance. You can register here here: JOIN USAV. Please remember to select Ignite VBC as the Club when completing your membership. VERY IMPORTANT: PLEASE PRINT OUT THE MEMBERSHIP CARD and bring to tryouts. 


This is super important! Please make sure you do this PRIOR to making plans for tryouts. Please do not assume the age - the only way to determine what age group your daughter should try out for is to use the AZ Regions tool.


Registering is important as this lets us know information about your daughter prior to tryouts: things like specific teams you would like to tryout for, specific positions, etc. This info comes in handy when we're evaluating and determining teams.


At the conclusion of tryouts, players chosen to play with the club will be asked to sign their contracts and an initial deposit (commitment fee - paid in cash, by check or credit card) will be required at that time. Please have a parent available at the conclusion of tryouts to sign the required documents and provide payment.

Open House/Evals & Tryout Dates


Teams / Coaching Assignments

TeamDivisionHead CoachAssistant Coach
17 PremierOpenShelby Fenwick (Jones)Marissa Scheeler
17 PremierOpenNicki EzataghaDane Downs
16 PremierOpenBianca CarerraSummer Anderson
16 EliteChampDane DownsGary Cloud
15 PremierChampMarissa MorahLee-Shay Flemons
15 EliteClubKerry MorganRandi Reader
15 BlackClubAlexis MarchCaylee Page (Kennedy)
14 PremierChampMarissa ScheelerShelby Fenwick (Jones)
14 EliteClubMakenna MorganRobert Kuo
14 EliteClubMatt McKinsterSanford Ross
14 BlackClubGary CloudDeme Eiger
13 PremierChampSummer AndersonMakenna Morgan
13 EliteClubCaylee Page (Kennedy)Jessica Babiarz
13 BlackClubSierra BakerBrenna Bower
12 PremierClubShawn CovelyLogan Wade
12 EliteClubSarah BrooksDeme Eiger
12 BlackClubTBDTBD

Please note that some coaching assignments and Divisions may change at Director's discretion.


Our 2020-21 Season Pricing is linked below. Be sure you check out our Price Comparison grid - you'll be suprised at how much we include versus our competition. We include post season, sports performance training and many other things that most clubs do not!


Premier Teams: Considered our 1's team or the best team within a particular age group. This team will go to the same tournaments as all other teams, but will also attend 1-3 JNQ's. Playing time on this team is earned. Premier teams this year will be going to Orlando for AAU Nationals!

Elite Teams: Considered our 2's team. This team will go to the same tournaments as all other teams, but may attend 1-2 JNQ's depending on age. Some of our Elite teams will not go to a qualifier. There is a possibility we will have up to 2 of these teams if the talent on the team makes sense. Playing time on this team is earned based on overall team skill level.

Black Teams: Considered our 3's or developmental teams. These teams will go to local only tournaments and Festival in June. Playing time on these teams are more equal based on position, considered developmental.

Red Teams: Considered our 4's or developmental teams. These teams will go to local only tournaments and Festival in June. Playing time on these teams are more equal based on position, considered developmental.

Why not let our parents tell you why!

Testimonial 5

Loved the coaches and we had a great group of families and kids! Loved the whole tournament and getting to know people, etc. Very fun!

Summer Camp #5

Thank you so much for this wonderful camp. My daughter had the absolute best time. It was at this camp one year ago that she first played volleyball and fell in love with the sport.  I think she’s come a long way in the past year but she says that she has learned more at camp in the past week than she did in the past 6 months of playing at another club.  More importantly, it has helped her build her confidence back up and renew her love for the game.  She was thrilled with her interactions with all of the coaches, saying how nice, helpful, fun and caring everyone is.  I haven’t seen her this excited about anything in a long time.  Every single day she came home exhausted and extremely happy. I simply couldn’t ask for anything more.  

Testimonial 3

Great family and friendly atmosphere of the club. The administration constantly strives to improve the club and actually listens to valid concerns of the parents.

Welcome quote

You will not feel as welcomed as a parent and your child will not feel as cared for as a player at any other club in the valley as you do here at Ignite.

Testimonial 13

We have seen such an improvement since our daughter started with Coach Shawn. His positive approach has helped her with her confidence, and he has helped her improve in the areas she is weak in. We are really happy with our experience. Thank you Coach Shawn!

Testimonial 7

Ignite is more than a volleyball club. It is a collective group of coaches and parents that truly love the sport and love watching the girls play. Few moments as a parent are as gratifying as watching your child do something they love.

Testimonial 2

It’s a family and that is important to our family.

Testimonial 9

Ignite was a wonderful experience for our daughter. We enjoyed all aspects of the club and going to the tournaments.

Testimonial 8

Being a part of Ignite has provided our daughter all of the best of what it means to be part of a team: leadership, communication, camaraderie, teamwork, conditioning and the ability to meet new challenges. Ignite brought the best out of our daughter.

Testimonial 1

Friendly, approachable director and coaches. You gave our daughter the confidence that her previous (3 years) in club volleyball had taken away from her.

Testimonial 12

Great Club, Great Coaches, Great Experiences. My daughter’s confidence and passion for volleyball has soared!!

Testimonial 10

Not just a club team… it’s more like family!

Great Clinic

My daughter had a really good time during your clinic.  I watched the last hour of the clinic and I was very impressed on the way your staff really connected with ALL the girls. Not only did they give great instructions but also took the time to give praise individually.  I watched my daughter trying so hard to do her best but also watched her have the biggest smiles while doing it.  Thank you!!!

Testimonial 11

Ignite’s club experience took our girls to a whole new level of skills and enthusiasm for the game.

Testimonial 6

Thank you Ignite for making volleyball fun again for our daughter!

Nike Jersey Package

This year we will be wearing Nike!

  • Nike Hyperace LS Jersey (Anthracite / Red / Premier teams will have an additional LS White)
  • Nike Legend SS Jersey (Black / Red)
  • Nike Performance Game Short (Black)
  • Nike Essential Kneepad (Black)
  • Nike Crew Socks (Black)
  • Nike Hoodie (Black)
  • Nike Fleece Pants (Black)
  • Nike Backpack

431 Sports will be posting a 24/7 Fan Gear site as well for hats, shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, etc.




We will be announcing our partnership with a local sports performance program that will live inside our 79th Street facility! Brand new equipment along with professional training!


This year we're going to offer a really neat fundraising opportunity for all our families. We've partnered with Soap & Hope, a company based in Sedona! They create handcrafted vegan soap, body butter, bath salts, soul mist and more - I've tried their soap and Soul Mist and the aromas are unbelievable!

They offer a unique and easy way for families to raise funds - a specific code for your daughter that she can share online through social media to family and friends. We're working on a neat Ignite bundle that will retail between $30 & $40.

40% of the total amount sold will go towards your daughter's fees or direct to you!

We've tried many different ways to fundraise and this is by far the easiest as well as best smelling! 🙂

We'll have more information soon!

College Recruiting

Introducing our top of the line recruiting program! 

So many youth athletes have the goal of one day playing collegiately. However, the idea of starting this process can be overwhelming and intimidating. Ignite Volleyball has taken steps to ease these stresses. 

Ignite also has the full-time experience of Club Director, Randy Litchfield, who’s own story launched when he was recruited to play D1 college volleyball. Several years following, Randy then had the invaluable experience of assisting his two daughters through youth volleyball, then the recruiting process and ultimately college volleyball. Along with parenting through these experiences, Randy was a 22 year, Division 1 college volleyball coach. During this time he actively recruited 1000s of athletes, including reviewing emails and video and in-person evaluations and contacts. 

Randy can assist you and your athlete through this process because he has seen it from every angle, as a father, Club Director and college coach. Since 2007 Randy has worked in club volleyball and every high school senior who competed in Randy’s clubs went on to play in college at some level. 

Navigating the various levels of collegiate volleyball and the strategies applied by different coaches is part of this entire process. Using our platform, as well as years of experience in the industry, can help alleviate stress and help you enjoy your teenage years, study and compete. Recruiting should be enjoyable, not painful.

We are experiencing a lot of parents that are purchasing the membership under their own name instead of their child. The only way to remedy the situation is to cancel the membership and have them start over.
The parent must have the household account, then when purchasing the membership, they need to Add a Child during the membership process.
Here's the region's step-by-step guide to creating a SE Account:



14's: 7:30 - 9:30a

13's: 10:00 - 12:00p

12's: 1:00 - 2:30p

Open Positions Tryouts - all ages - 2:30 - 6:00p

Lots of clinics prior to this - check out our calendar for full list!


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17/18s: 7:30-9:30a

15/16s: 10:00-12:00p

Open Position Tryouts - all ages: 1-5p

Lots of clinics prior to this - check out our calendar for full list!



No Events


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