Ignite's Volleyball Clinics are for athletes that are looking to develop skills in a more competitive program.

Our full list of clinics are below based on skill levels. All classes are CO-ED.

Advanced Skill Training: Setting

Setters touch the ball more than any other player on the team so developing elite talent in the position is crucial. Coaches will provide tools for both physical and mental sides of the game. This clinic will reinforce fundamental footwork patterns, advanced movement and combination work. Lots of attention to jump setting, location of all sets, tempo setting, reversing the flow, out of system setting, defense and serving. COED, grades 8 – 12, prior playing exp reqd.

Advanced Skill Training - Passing

This clinic is designed for any player who needs extra work on defense, and passing. Our experienced staff will train serve receive, technical passing, essential footwork, and emergency skills.
Clinic Features: Breakdown footwork and platform mechanics, Train good passing habits and techniques, Learn to track the ball in serve receive (float and topspin), Defense pursuit and quickness, Increase court coverage, and Train proper eye sequencing. COED, grades 8 – 12, prior playing exp reqd.

Advanced Skills Training - Hitting

Separate yourself from the rest. Dominate the game! Our coaches will take athletes through fast paced skill progressions in this advanced clinic featuring transition attack fundamentals and systems. Clinic Features: Develop good attacking and passing habits, Build arm speed (attack with power), Transition footwork patterns, Attacking footwork to adjust to a variety of sets, Pass to attack combination drills, Defense to offense transition. COED, grades 8 – 12, prior playing exp reqd.

It is essential that we understand your athlete's developmental level and train them accordingly. Please review the levels listed below and select the most applicable. Our staff always reserves the right to move the athlete to another area of camp in order to train them the most efficiently. Volleyball is a very technical game and its skills must be developed in a proper progression. A young, developing player attempting to train in an advanced area will feel inadequate and frustrated and should be trained in areas that are relevant to their own situation. Our goal is train each level of athlete efficiently so that they grow the skills necessary for the months ahead.

Selecting a skill area is simple... select any area you want to improve. Or select an area that a coach has suggested. It's your game!


BEGINNING: Athlete is LEARNING and developing basic skills of the game and basic team concepts.

INTERMEDIATE: Athlete is REFINING skills of the game and applying them to positions while learning more advanced team concepts. 

ADVANCED: Athlete is REFINING skills of the game and applying them to positions while learning more advanced team concepts. Must have at least 1-2 years of competitive volleyball background (club, school, etc.) to attend.



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