Ignite's In House Sports Performance Training powered by Tatum Human Performance!

Ignite has state of the art equipment designed to maximize sports performance training in our gym! The experts at Tatum Human Performance run our programs ensuring that our athletes are trained by the best in the business! We have a few training options for you to choose from and more on the way!

We have made incredible strides this year in performance training with the average Ignite Athlete improving their athleticism by 9%. These programs are aimed to continue the success we have had during the season following the same format as January through April. The staff at THP will continue to build on the foundational improvements made during the season in the May and June training.

Individualized, data-driven fitness programs and sports performance training solutions!

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Classes available:

May/June THP Training + Combine (Ignite Club Members Only) - $400

Save $50! THP Training is included with your season's dues up through end of April. Continue this amazing training in May/June by signing up for this class. Sessions/schedule will be same as regular season. Schedule will be subject to change depending on sign ups. Sessions will start the first week of May & go through June 9th (6 weeks of training). Included is our End of Season Combine which will give each athlete their most up to date stats for recruiting purposes at Nationals!

May/June THP Training (Ignite Club Members Only) - $350

THP Training is included with your season's dues up through end of April. Continue this amazing training in May and June by signing up for this class. Sessions will be same as regular season, so you'll stick with your team. Schedule will be subject to change depending on sign ups. Sessions will start the first week of May and go through June 9th (6 weeks of training).

Ignite Volleyball End of Season Combine - powered by THP (Open to all) - $79.99

Join Ignite and THP for our End of Season Combine. Get updated stats for Vertical Jump, RSI, 5-10-5, Height, Reach, Attack, and Block. Athletes will receive a printout with all of their updated numbers heading into AAU Nationals for recruiting purposes. If you purchased additional THP training for May and June, the Combine is included.

Ignite's Sports Performance Center powered by THP:

Ignite's Sports Performance Center is powered by THP (Tatum Human Performance). Through an applied science approach, athletes of all levels train with the intent of being adaptable, resilient, and well-rounded as it applies to their sport – run faster, build power, jump higher, and improve agility. Training is delivered by expert coaches, beginning with a comprehensive assessment process and progressing through a multi-faceted, dynamic training system. Each workout is designed to meet the team’s or individual’s needs and are tracked with the latest tech-tools. The result? Unified teams, athletes with a competitive edge, and greater achievements.

Team Training Program:

Advance your team’s potential. THP’s program is a progressive training system that helps teams and organizations get energized, develop resilience, stay healthy and achieve their team and individual performance goals.

  • TEAM ASSESSMENTS – Determine your team’s current strengths and areas for improvement with a comprehensive, systematic evaluation.
  • TEAM TRAINING – Build the best team possible by optimizing each human, then developing the athletes.
  • YOUTH, HIGH SCHOOL, & COLLEGE ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT – Be diligent in the execution rather than results. and systematically progress across all areas of performance – speed, change of direction, strength, rotation, and power.

Individual Performance Training:

Unlock your potential for the best possible athlete you can be. With the Athlete Development Program, the individual training experience is innovative, engaging, constantly challenging, and steadily progressing so you can dominate in your life and sport. Feel the small details and little improvements to culminate a solid foundation and set you apart from the competition.

  • INDIVIDUALIZED – Your training program is unique to your needs and adapts to your progress and goals.
  • PROVEN METHODOLOGY – Our programs are evidence-based so you get real solutions and eliminate guesswork.
  • COLLECTIVE – We focus on your health as well as performance, from nutrition to sleep to stress.
  • CONNECTED – Our suite of technology tools, wearables, analytics, and mobile apps provide valuable methods for tracking progress.

We now use Vagaro as our registration partner. Please sign up online with a parent account and then your son/daughter's account. Should take less than a few minutes to complete and will make things easier on you for future classes/clinics!