Train Ugly – Blocked versus Random Practice

I’ve always loved this debate between coaches: blocked versus random practice. There are always examples of how much some coaches like blocked because they see results. However, several studies show just the opposite. That blocked practice (hitting lines, etc) show gain at first, but in a game-like setting, only Random practices show gain over time. Check out the AWESOME video above that helps illustrate the point.

All of our coaches are IMPACT certified and some are CAP certified. This training is provided by USA Volleyball and is all about making our practices more game-like. We also take our coaches to a 3 day clinic hosted by Gold Medal Squared who also teaches the growth mindset and random, game-like play. It’s what we’ve based our club on and we’re proud to help evangelize this philosophy. Check out to learn more.

Also, please be sure to check out They made this video and are launching a great effort to help train and share this philosophy so that our ATHLETES benefit!